Business Continuity

Data backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses

Server crashes can affect businesses stemming from mundane causes such as human error, a power outage or even a hard drive failure. Something this simple could bring your business to a halt. What would a complete business stoppage look like to your business? Do you even know if your servers are backed up? Are you prepared for an unforeseen catastrophe such as a flood, tornado, lightning, or a server hardware failure? How much productivity and revenue loss would it equate to? 

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup with end-to-end encryption designed to protect your servers, mission-critical workstations, and company data.

Disaster Planning

Planning and documenting is crucial to ensure that business process goes uninterrupted, even if there’s a slight hiccup. 

Plan for the worst case scenario

When it comes to your business, technology is just one part of your overall costs. Your critical data and applications are clearly invaluable to the success of your business and the cost of recovering them, if they were lost from a power outage or a hacker attack, can be unbelievably expensive. Your business will come to a halt and products or services will not be available to your customers. The risk of a prolonged outage can be catastrophic to not only your bottom line but also your business’s reputation.

When your business is prepared for a disaster, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t be stuck with an expensive data recovery bill or risk losing your customers from your inability to deliver products or services on time. Your employees will be able to mitigate risk in your company more effectively leading to less downtime should an unfortunate event occur.


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